Thirtythird Event
Gothenburg, September 29th 2007

Attending members: Brian Jensen, Torbjörn Onegård, Jan-Ola Sjöberg, Björn Harnby, Andreas Eriksson, Ulf Bennetter, Magnus Eriksson, Simon Treschow, Ulrik Lundin, Lars Fagerstedt, Hans-Erik Hansson.

Guests: Kristina Larsson, Daniel Widmark.

The Gothenburg Book Fair is always a highlight, not only for Phantom and comic fans but for thousands of book readers aswell. 2007 was no exception, with over 100 000 visitors. 11 of them were members of the Scandinavian Chapter!

With little new Phantom books available at the book fair, it was up to the SC members to give this weekend a Phantom feeling. The meeting was held on Saturday September 29 at the Hotell Kville. Team Fantomen main writer Claes Reimerthi visited and took part in an in-depth discussion about the Phantom's past, present and future. The discussion took a somber turn due to the recent years' decline in sales, but ended with the hopes that the Man who cannot die will stay alive for quite some time

After graciously signing all that the SC members wanted his signature on, Reimerthi left the meeting. The SC members continued with the traditional showing of "objects to drool over" i.e "dräggelobjekt" and a goodiebag.

A new experience was the "old Jungle Saying lottery", where the "winners" could enjoy hearing an Old Jungle Saying being read out loud, and the "losers" could pick a Phantom object from a table of prizes.

A pleasant surprise for all attending was a greeting from George Olesen and his wife Rigmor via Simon Treschow - and the greeting was completed with gifts of original daily strips!

The evening continued with a short walk to the nearby restaurant Tropicana where the discussions continued with the addition of good food and drinks. Finally, the SC members withdrew to get some sleep before the next day when a visit to the Book Fair was on the schedule.

As mentioned before, there was no specific Phantom-related material on the Book Fair with the exception of some Yearbooks. But there was plenty of other things to see for all interested in books, and some familiar faces like Bo Majgren, Björn Ihrstedt and Germund von Wowern were also present and always ready to talk about the Phantom as time