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The history of The Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club

On the evening of Friday 30th April 1999 a group of Phantom devotees gathered to mourn the death of Lee Falk and celebrate his great creation ... The Man Who Cannot Die.
Because of the success of the evening, Tony Di Dio and Richard Fry, instigators of this wake, decided to form the aforementioned club.
Soon the word was out about the club and more and more people joined the club and the fine dinners they hold.
Shortly even Non-Australian citizens joined the club, among them some Swedes, which brings us to the...

The history of the Scandinavian Chapter

In the spring of 2000 Brian Jensen and Torbjörn Onegård who already where members of the LFMBEC got the idea to try to start a similar club in Sweden, this resulted in a small gathering June 17 - 2000 at the Phantom Theme park in Eskilstuna where the attendants decided to ask permission to start a Chapter of the LFMBEC and to write a letter to the Swedish Phantom magazine to congratulate on the upcoming anniversary, shortly thereafter we where given permission to form the Scandinavian Chapter.
Our membership number grew little by little and on the 16 September 2000 we held a dinner coinciding with the comics fair in Gothenburg, among the attendants where Rene White from the LFMBEC.
At the Fair the editor in chief Ulf Granberg graciously accepted to be the chapters Patron.
At the dinner plans for the future of the chapter where discussed and we decided to hold the next dinner with goodie bag and all would be in mid March 2001.
Until then we would work to increase our numbers, build a website and strengthen our contacts with Egmont.

The Scandinavian Chapter
of the Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club

  • The purpose of the club is to keep alive the memory of Lee Falk, creator of The Phantom
  • The club shall have regular meetings where the members will meet in a friendly atmosphere to share the pleasure in all things related to The Phantom
  • To become a member you must have great interest in The Phantom, be at least 20 years of age and should preferably reside in one of the Scandinavian/Nordic countries.
  • You must have regular access to the Internet, have an e-mail address you check regularly and be able to communicate in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian without difficulty.
  • Application for membership shall be sent to ”Acting Deputy Dictator of the Scandinavian Chapter of the LFMBEC”.
  • Membership in the club is restricted by utilising a philosophy based on purely random and whimsical selection by the eclectic and profoundly dictatorial instigator of the First Dinner.
  • A member might be excluded from the club if the member damages or counteracts the aim or activities of the club or if the member tries to gain private profit from material specially made for the club.
  • Changes of the statutes shall be decided at two events following each other. Only members in the club are allowed to vote.

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