An article on the publishing history of the Phantom in Denmark


The Phantom in Denmark

Skipper SkrackIn Denmark The Phantom is called FANTOMET.

Today FANTOMET is published only in a few Danish newspapers.

FANTOMET was a regular comic in two comic books published by Aller Press. SKIPPER SKRÆK (Popeye) and KONG KYLIE (The Little King).

SKIPPER SKRÆK a weekly comic book brought FANTOMET from its start in 1938 till the end in 1963. The daily strip was edited to fit with one week.

Other comics in SKIPPER SKRÆK:

Archie, Beetle Bailey, Big Ben Bolt, Tim Tyler’s Luck, Flash Gordon, King of the Royal Mounted, Mandrake Prince Valiant, The Lone Ranger, Rip Kirby and of course Popeye e.g.

The front page of SKIPPER SKRÆK showed The Phantom only on two occasions.

Issue #1 in 1951  Issue #10 in 1952
Ude og HjemmeFANTOMET was continued in the Comics Supplement in the weekly women’s magazine UDE & HJEMME until 1977.

Kong KylieKONG KYLIE was another weekly comic book. FANTOMET appeared from 1948 till the end of the magazine in 1954. The Sunday strip was brought in classic American colours. © SC


Other comics in KONG KYLIE:

Barney Baxter, Dickie Dare, Dick Tracy, Hopalong Cassidy, Terry and the Pirates, The Little King, Snuffy Smith, Steve Canyon, The Little King and Tintin e.g.© SC

Allers FantometAller Press released from 1952-1954 a comic book called FANTOM-HEFTE. 23 issues were released but only 14 contained FANTOMET stories.

Other comics to go in the FANTOM-HEFTE:

Prince Valiant, Rip Kirby, Mandrake The Magician, King of the Royal Mounted, Blondie, Steve Canyon and Flash Gordon e.g.

In 1971 Interpresse released a monthly FANTOMET comic book. The magazine was edited from Sweden and was published until 1994. It was succeed by FANTOMET KRØNIKE (The Phantom Chronicle). In the period 1986-1987 FANTOMET SOLO/FANTOMETS KRØNIKER (The Phantom Solo/The Chronicles of The Phantoms) was released at the same time as FANTOMET.

FANTOMET 1st issue from 1971

In 1998 Egmont reintroduced the monthly comic book of FANTOMET. First issue - in colour - was # 359. Egmont continued the numbering from Interpresse/Semic. The publication was brief and stopped in 1999. Last issue was # 369.

FANTOMET # 369 last issue from 1999 

Fantomet SoloFANTOMET SOLO started in 1986. First issue contained only Mandrake The Magician. Second issue contained “Det Tredie Fantom’s Krønike” (Chronicle of The Third Phantom). The magazine continued as FANTOMETS KRØNIKER (Chronicles of The Phantoms) until 1987.

Fantomet KronikeIn 1994 the FANTOMET stopped and was succeeded by FANTOMET KRØNIKE (The Phantom Chronicle). The magazine was stopped in 1995.


Other publications. Pocketbooks, one-shots and albums e.g.:

Fantomet pocketSCFrom 1972 – 1985 Interpresse released thirteen pocket books with Wilson McCoy stories.
To the left Pocket Book # 1.

Book size 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm.




Fantomet Super-albumIn 1972 Interpresse released the Super Album. It contained four Wilson McCoy stories. B/W and colour.
Sunday #53 The Childhood of The Phantom,
Sunday #49 The Frame Up,
Sunday # 37 The Belt,
Sunday #52 Conley’s Good Mark, Daily #48 The Toad Men.

Book size 22.5 cm x 30.5 cm.



a_fantometca.jpgBorgen and Bogfabrikken released in 1984 – 1987 three albums with classic McCoy Sundays. Panels were unedited but with Scandinavian (read Swedish!) colouring.
Album 1 contained:
#24 The Thuggees,
#25 The Ape Idol of The Durugu,
#26 The Mysterious Passenger,
#27 Jungle King.

Album 2 contained:
#28 The Phantom’s Ring,
#29 The Rope People.

Album 3 contained:
#31 The ‘Copter Pirates,
#32 The female Phantom,
#33 Diana and The Bank Robbers.

Above Album 1.
Book size 22 cm x 29.5 cm.

Fantomet Sy  Barry sondageIn 2001 Egmont released a very fine album with hard cover. Four classic Sy Barry Sundays:

#60 Treasure of Skull Cave,
#61 The Astronaut and The Pirates,
#62 Old Baldy,
#63 The Giant Bird of Gandor.

Panels were unedited but with Scandinavian colouring.

Preface written by Ulf Granberg.

Book size 22 cm x 29 cm.